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Grooming Services

There are numerous factors which will infulence the most suitable method of grooming for your dog. e.g. Age, Breed & Coat. Please feel free to drop in for a 'no obligation' accessmet with us.


Once you arrive you dog will be quickly assessed to see what we need to do to get you doggie into top condition. We will then discuss what you are looking for in your groom and what can be achieved.


Once your dog is left with us they will get a second look over this time in more detail. We start with our standard 4 point check:

  • Nails

  • Ears

  • Eyes

  • Coat condition


Your dog will then have its first clip, will be brushed out and de-matted if necessary.

Then its off to the bath for a nice warm wash with a shampoo which is suitable for your dog type.


Its then onto the grooming table where your dog will be dried and styled according to the clients wishes. 


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